About Us

Background and Mission

Sechaba Trust (Pty) Ltd was founded in July 2001 and has established itself as a leading trust company over the past ten years.

It is our goal to render outstanding service to the satisfaction of all creditors and relevant parties. We always strive to pay the maximum dividend to creditors in the shortest possible time and are acknowledged by the major financial institutions and large creditors for our efficiency, honesty, integrity and thorough knowledge of the insolvency process.


The directors and staff of Sechaba Trust have extensive legal and practical knowledge regarding the insolvency and liquidation process as well as other related matters.

Sechaba Trust strives to serve the needs of both the creditors as well as other affected parties involved. Community involvement is very important to this company and supported by every director and staff member.

It allows us to undertake all the necessary steps on behalf of creditors while keeping the rights of those that might be affected, for instance employees, in mind.

We always ensure that the employees of liquidated entities are thoroughly informed of the process and aim to pay arrears salaries as soon as possible.