The services that we provide are the following:

  • Administration of the insolvent estates of companies, close corporations, trusts and individuals, which include:
    • Collection of outstanding debtors on behalf of creditors;
    • Insolvency enquiries and the tracing of assets;
    • Facilitating forensic investigations;
    • General consultations on insolvencies;
    • Cross-border insolvencies; and the
    • Protection of the rights of creditors.
  • Arrangements and compromises (Section 311 of the Companies Act).
  • Business Rescue Proceedings.
  • Appointments as curator bonis in terms of the Tax Administration Act.

We provide a service with emphasis on the importance of the creditor as the client by striving to pay the maximum dividend in the shortest possible time. With this in mind, we focus on:

  • obtaining the maximum value for assets;
  • providing cost-effective and efficient administration;
  • minimising costs of administration;
  • continuous and meaningful communication with creditors; and
  • absolute integrity, honesty and independence.